Things to X

Some things I’m unlearning   praying with my eyes closed seeing God as just male eating beans, and milk farting too carefully not having time for my hair and nails crying all by myself not indulging in more cake and chocolates and fruits not running consistently wishing passed time back being lazy and becoming guilty … More Things to X


I know you believe you’re a river I know you believe your soul is fluid and that when life turns up the heat, you’d only change states and float in the air and collect yourself back into the form you think you’re made to be when the temperature feels like home the parts of you … More Staccato

Reblogged- Are you woke, or merely sleepwalking?

Few years ago, the word “conscious” was customized by millennials to give the idea of levelheadedness and intellectuality a fashionable hue. The term has now evolved to a more fetishized one – “woke”. To be woke in this generation is to earn the respect of peers and seniors alike. Blacks and Africans are especially fond […] … More Reblogged- Are you woke, or merely sleepwalking?