Citing Adam Smith

  A day before my last paper for this round of my exams, at about 9:30 pm, when I should have been rounding up what I should have learnt over the weeks, I logged in to YouTube (not that I am ever logged out) and started scrolling through some TED and TEDx Talks. I am … More Citing Adam Smith


There’s some history that became prematurely and now that we are birthing frozen times , foetus alive after 25 there’s some history that perhaps must be defrosted today , eternally – thaw destiny.     _SBM.     I’m back for good 😎. Cheers!


Lead heavy sighs break  my back and make me crouch hugging myself but it isn’t  enough. My arms aren’t  strong enough to lift the delusion of depression that I am battling with It is in the air I breathe and fills the alleys in my body I shiver now and again Sorrow has her cold … More Lifebuoy

Contrary Truths

  These last few months, I have been on edge. The year came with a sense of bigness that was drowning. I do not have the “new year syndrome” (I stopped making new year resolutions in was it 2014?), but I had an increased awareness with the ending of January that I ought to be … More Contrary Truths