Sleeping Woman

She leans forward now, and puts her forearm on the row in front of her to use it as her pillow, and her head follows. Her hair is black and smooth, it reaches her nape. A handfull of it is held in place behind her ear  by a silver Bobby pin, but the rest fall … More Sleeping Woman

Backseat Palaver

Trotro Chronicle. – Backseat Palaver For about fifteen minutes, you stand at the bus stop. Finally, you start to walk along the newly asphalted road, losing one gram of the hope you had of getting a vehicle with every step you take, picking up spots of bitumen as you go by. You wonder why you … More Backseat Palaver

Kuffour’s Dollar and Bra Mate

For a frustratingly long while, there have been on and off talks about the nation’s currency and its ever dwindling strength. Many self acclaimed economic analysts have tried to give reason for the heart break that the Ghana Cedi has been causing, most especially in this era of ‘TERPKERNOMICS’. A lot of these problem-identifiers-who-do-not-provide-solutions attribute … More Kuffour’s Dollar and Bra Mate