you’re just the support i need to keep things together in place strapped safe most days the rest you’re a bad bra messing things up at their spine. _SBM.

Loose Sands

  What happens, Ma when the way home is through sand dunes? Do I pitch tents and make home where strength fails or do I dance with the sands And change with the plans? Do I make my monuments and trust the wind’s promise to immortalise them or do I keep my words till there’s … More Loose Sands


  let’s cook gourmet and one-ladle it out to the centre of 10-inch wide white china and sprinkle over it, with what kind of deliberate carelessness, whatever sauce in striking colour- black or red or yellow, even green indulge in this food, you can understand the poetry on your tongue when you’ve learnt to mention … More gourmet.


I know you believe you’re a river I know you believe your soul is fluid and that when life turns up the heat, you’d only change states and float in the air and collect yourself back into the form you think you’re made to be when the temperature feels like home the parts of you … More Staccato