let’s cook gourmet and one-ladle it out to the centre of 10-inch wide white china and sprinkle over it, with what kind of deliberate carelessness, whatever sauce in striking colour- black or red or yellow, even green indulge in this food, you can understand the poetry on your tongue when you’ve learnt to mention … More gourmet.


I know you believe you’re a river I know you believe your soul is fluid and that when life turns up the heat, you’d only change states and float in the air and collect yourself back into the form you think you’re made to be when the temperature feels like home the parts of you … More Staccato


this was the night I laid me flat on my back for the first time, and felt my soul enter into me, summoned by the cracking laughter of the bones in my back. I found me warm, bloody moist and not dead. –SBM.


Too much premium has been placed on our silence by them who we look to for guidance so that even when our necks are caught in their staff, their stranglehold, and bloodlessly, our lives ebb away, we do not speak up against this shit We have become goats taught to believe that our bleats are … More Wanted: SCAPEGOAT!