I Saw God.

Today, I saw God. He was wearing white midi shorts that sagged a bit, with a t-shirt some shade of green. He wore a grey cap too. I didn’t see what footwear he had on. And he walked quickly, with some kind of swagger … More I Saw God.


I have been meaning to write a post for the Food for Thought category for quite a while now. But…well. This is not to say that I’ve not had any literal food for thought. Yesterday however, just at about 6:3o pm-ish, I had  one, which happens to be still lingering on my fingers! Had it … More DiFuSsIoN

Heavenly Scent

Of course , when I speak of spices, I am in no way casting my mind to those which are advertised on our TV stations ( and for which we shall be paying TV license soon, despite the fact that most of the programs are like food cooked with a sack full of mono-sodium glutamate) those are never spices! … More Heavenly Scent