Sleeping Woman

She leans forward now, and puts her forearm on the row in front of her to use it as her pillow, and her head follows. Her hair is black and smooth, it reaches her nape. A handfull of it is held in place behind her ear  by a silver Bobby pin, but the rest fall … More Sleeping Woman


Hello, I took a little break from the flash fiction, but I’m back now. Here goes one titled  Incomplete   Etornam quickly turns off the tv and they scamper up the stairs like mice into their holes. The dreary horn of the grey 1997 Volkswagen comes first, then the old car drives slowly through the … More Incomplete

Flash Fiction- Hearth

KK waved frenetically at his friend. He liked walking  back from school with her. But his mother always complained that they walked too slowly and talked too much.  He didn’t seem to have any other friends, so she let their friendship grow. Besiwa’s mother was her friend too, under some very strange circumstances. They had … More Flash Fiction- Hearth


She knew it was time. She separated herself from the rest of the herd and slowly, she moved towards the baobab tree that lay hidden behind the split rock.  She turned this way and that way, trying to make herself comfortable on her four hooves. The painful sensation became more urgent. She stood, leaning her … More Green


He heard the whisper. ‘Run’. It seemed to come from some distant place in his memory. His back tingled with anticipation and then with fear. He glared  wildly about him but he saw nothing. His lamp had flicked then gone out. It must have been very cloudy, because it seemed the moon had not heeded … More Flight