Some random confessions?


I have some confessions. And you can take them personal.

  1. I almost did not write this post (and post post-Friday) because among other things, including this chronic procrastination, I watched 3 movies after I returned home from work at about 7:12pm. I know, I know, there were more important things to do, like prep for my exam and blah blah blah, and write. But I decided to finish watching Battleship, and mahn! Did I enjoy that computer work! Had I watched this at a cinema, I would have probably been very miserable. I mean, how was I going to cheer and punch fists into the high air trapped in those rows when the veterans came on? Plus, I think Rihanna isn’t a terrible actress, not that I know much about what else she does well or not. She had the right gleam for when she was asked to “play with the big boys.” Lol. But I am a little concerned because I do not discount the possibility that we’re not alone in this universe (spiritual realms aside), and I hope that if there are aliens anywhere in this universe, our own, and they find a way to reach us here on earth, they would be a whole lot nicer than those photophobic creatures. Lol.


  1. When finally I “disciplined” myself to rise from before the TV just as my brother was starting the 4th movie (I didn’t wait to catch the title) I let my mind screen through the archives of poems I have not posted yet. The short-lived plan was to pull something up from under dead days and hung it up as a memorial on here. Now, there is nothing really wrong with fast-food, but when I have promised to cook you dinner every Friday, I cannot bring myself to be such a fraud, or rather, be more than I already think I am. So, friends, I apologise for daring to short change you with something microwaved.


  1. I had not known what to write about these past 6 days, until I was on my way back home today. Nonetheless, what you are reading presently is not what I had planned to serve you with. It became necessary to get these confessions off my chest so that I can have a good sleep.


  1. I am aware that the title to some of you was misleading. I am sorry if you were looking for some juicy, personal, like very personal confessions, like “Yam gives me gas”. I am greatly sorry for disappointing you.



Tomorrow, if I see it, will require a lot of energy to live it. Sleep is my fuel.





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