Jumpstarters and Sustain-pedals

I have spent 3 hours

denouncing my calling on a paper, preparing to present it to you

While I mounted this  poduim,

this manifesto

of a new realization of what would work

for this nation only I rule, its new direction

my documents flew

So now, extempore, here it is:


Ironic happenings sometimes show us wisdom

plain language cannot express

Like telling me that while I am thinking this farce

about trashing all my jumpstarters and replacing them with sustain-pedals,

for one beginning

It is necessary that I watch how far

only jumpstarters have gotten me on this journey

Where my batteries burn out ever so frequently,


because I’ve drunk  the juice to excuse more electricity,


This insight, coming only after applying a jumpstarter

to this heart failing a mind

showed that jumpstarters are to hearts what sustainpedals are to minds

I’m getting both, compatriot, creator

I’m getting both,

staccato and legato for this song.


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