Rains that grow lilies

There were 10,
1000 pairs
of eyes
but few
couples watched
when they looked
and saw that
the lilies had sprouted on this campus
and so knew, when they had wilted,
to carry their fleetingness as pins in their hair
behind their ears, a whisper about the
transcendence of transience
It was also they who
knew about fallen flowers,
who knew that those were the ones that
needed picking, and rubbing, and smelling
It was also they who knew there were kinds of rains, that
it was not the proud, loud ones that came
bearing promises of thrill in their winds and
just like the wind,
left before you’d learnt to ask whence and hence
in one breath
that grew lilies
It was they who knew the drum of gentle rains was long, and soothing, and healing,
and loving enough
to persist till hard hearts became soft enough
to grow lilies.


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