Too much premium has been placed on our silence
by them who we look to for guidance
so that even when our necks are caught in their staff, their stranglehold,
and bloodlessly, our lives ebb away,
we do not speak up against this shit
We have become goats
taught to believe that our bleats are but one- the last before the slaughter
so no one wants to be a scapegoat
We have been conditioned to prefer and think a bloodless death is honorable
so we’d rather choke on our silence, be poisoned with our pretentious indifference,
deaden our minds so we don’t smell the rot, and faux-live,
than die a violent bloody death to buy righteousness
But let’s all be Christ! Let’s all die bloody deaths,
Damn! we need a revolution
So who will be the escape goat and bear away our sins?
You will be let loose, set free, let to live
Will you ?
This part of history could use a tribe.



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