Woman of gods- A Tanka

fickle winds, cocktails of doctrines


I shan’t throw my mind

To gusts of your fickle wind-

Cocktail of doctrines,

You let the devil use you

To curse ineffectively


-Image source- Google Images.


One thought on “Woman of gods- A Tanka

  1. I have visited so many blogs lately looking for writers of haiku, tanka, etc. that I have totally lost track of where I have been. So if I have been here before and left a near-identical message, please accept my apology.

    I edit and publish ‘the zen space’, a three-monthly online showcase for haiku and other short, in-the-moment poetry. I am always looking for new ‘names’ to publish. If you, or anyone you know, would like to submit something, I would be happy to consider it. Just search wordpress for ‘thezenspace’ to find out how to submit items.

    Best wishes,

    Marie Marshall

    PS. And also, please feel free to visit my ‘ordinary’ poetry blog.

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