If anybody had told me, sometime in the last quarter of 2014, that I would be where I am now in 2 years, I would not have believed it. Where I stood at that time, having no strength in me, it would have all sounded like some Utopian daydream. And so, looking at where I am now; all that has happened…how can I hit my chest and say “I did it”?  It is amazing, looking at things in retrospect.

Doing graduate school has not been breezy. Doing grad school while managing a chronic health condition, turns up the heat even more. I remember when I finished my thesis and submitted it, I thought “Ahh, finally! Now I can just find some work to do and maybe later if I have the strength and time, come back to go on with a PhD.” In my mind, I was done. Yes, there…

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