Larvs Poetica

I want a life like art

that hangs off the walls of a heart

I want a hope like music

that I cannot get out of my head

and I want a love like poetry


that runs on in free verse

that does not have plans of ending

nor rules for bending

like the a,a rhyme above

that streams in silky smooth alliterations

that have no dissonance with each other

that is a ballad, its lyrics written with a sage’s filigree

I want a lover in this poetry

whose heartbeats emphasize my repetition

who kisses me in repetition

who makes me gasp onomatopoeias

that need no explanations

whose discord with me

because of contrasts in point of view

would reach a resolution

in a shared climax

I want a love who writes poetry

and sings odes to my figure and speech

who will heroically personify old age

and write a comedy about youth’s clichéd metaphors

who makes our dialogue sound like a soliloquy

and harmonizes all our senses in one epic imagery

who understands my preference for rhythm

and is receptive to switching meter

in drawing a family tree

I want to love like poetry

that is understood literally

with no cliffhangers

a poem

that reveals an epiphany in the first line

of what value is the art of me, and him

so that the verses and stanzas after

shall be a celebration of a near perfect couplet.



5 thoughts on “Larvs Poetica

  1. I love this one, Nana Yaa. At a point I became a part of the poem thinking it it would never end but just like in the case of love, I was heartbroken when it ended while I was so much into it. haha. You gave the literary devices (espesially onomatopoeia) a nice treat in there. Well inked!

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