Café Cake

…flying, like allowing ourselves to buy and eat cake with strangers☺️
I had a good time. Thanks, wherever you are on this planet now. 😊

Oddinary Perspectives

image Source-Google Images; Ben Fink Photo Blog

We share genuine laughter

and a cake at a café.

We’re strangers to each other

and that’s what makes this cake sweeter.

We share three chairs between us

where the cars are whizzing past

only four steps below.

You say to me, someone you know may see us

and ask you when

you broke up with the girl he knew.

We share honest laughter over that

and break the cake apart

bit by bit

each of us taking turns

like we’re telling our stories,

fantasies and fears

on a quasi love paper

which we torch from the top

with the comfortable knowledge

that we are strangers

who can’t eat their cake and have it.

OurNanaYaa (c) 2016 

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