A Day’s Dose

I wrote this somewhere in 2011 before it rounded up here. I hope it kneads the taut muscle of your heart, love is not a light weight.

Oddinary Perspectives

The really important things are often abstract – hope, comfort, joy,and love; friendships, – these are what create life. It is however quite easy for us to shift our focus from these to what are material, which are not in themselves bad, but are not the most important things. What we can feel is more important than what we can see.

This poem is to remind us of what really matters, what really heals. These are the balms for our souls.

Heart prints are made with nothing but acts of love. Source of photo; someone's whatsapp dp. lol Heart prints are made with nothing but acts of love.- Me
Source of photo; someone’s whatsapp dp. lol

These are the healthy doses

That God prescribes for all mankind

They are to be given before each day closes

If joy on earth we are to find

A well- meaning wink

When all her courage deep down sinks

And hopeless, staggers to tears’ brink

An acknowledging smile

When he tries…

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