What it is, this oddinary perspective.


There were two options for my debut post on this blog. The first one I wrote, the one which never got posted, was focused on the first word of the blog name, Oddinary. The second one, the one which I titled “Tell me, what do you see,” which is my tagline now (you can read that post here) talked more about Perspectives, the second word in the name. I have come to love the name of this blog more as time has gone by, and apparently, other people have too.

It is for these people and myself that I write this post. I had just wanted to post what I had held in the drafts for almost a year and a half, but I thought it wise to keep it there for the same reasons why it never came out (Thanks, K’Sei!), and instead, write this new post. I believe this would reflect the original philosophy (and some philosopher I am, I’m fully aware) that inspired the coining of this pun-full name.

Oddinary Perspectives. Odd. Ordinary.  I have always been odd one way or the other. Hoh! We are all odd at one point in time!! Always. It is the most ordinary thing to be odd, nothing odd. However, what the matter is is that most of us humans are not aware of this, we do not walk around with this consciousness of difference or uniqueness. We rather live with this misplaced perception of sameness, which causes us to perceive or want to perceive our individual unique states of being and our associated similarity with others as the state of normalcy.

Our awareness of difference or oddity lies latent until there is some other person, thing or place against which our difference is reflected off from. In instances like this, many people, and collectively races, religions, genders and cultures, attempt to recognize this difference by translating it through some form of hierarchy, some system of rank, some scale of importance and interpret their unsameness as an inequality. With noses turned up and with unsettling fear we try to assert and establish that which was at the foundations of the world; diversity, without doing the appropriate justice of recognizing its sanctity and its rightness. We try to accept our unsameness from the dimension of inequivalence, inequality and this my friends, is man’s greatest plague. That we cannot see ourselves as equal, by virtue of our fundamental difference inherent in time, space, composition, and purpose, the things which make us in a transcendence of our consciousness, is our biggest undoing.

But the truth of the matter (hihihii, I like this phrase, truth of the matter) really is that there is nothing as ‘the state of normalcy’, and this is the only thing that is normal. The only thing that is ordinary. We are by default, odd (*wink at someone). But the irony and further truth is that the word ‘odd’ itself implies that there is an established state of normalcy, some form of prerequisite to being odd. It implies that everything must be black in which case we can then consider your green odd. Herein lies the paradox.

There are the jolly ones like me, (and somehow,  I have reason to believe that artists are those with this predisposition) who are very aware of this paradox of odd, different, unique, unusual, rare, uncommon, exclusive as the most ordinary thing in the world. It is all around us. It is what make us. Diversity is the truest original. What makes us equal is that we are all different.

(As time goes on, I shall probably develop this philosophy into a more holistic, sturdy argument, that is if it already isn’t existent as I found out in shock the day I typed the word which to the best of my knowledge, I had birthed from my reflections, for Uncle Google.)

Cheers, O’Zionn!,



3 thoughts on “What it is, this oddinary perspective.

  1. 🙆

    Where do I even begin to comment from? Some many quotables and parts to have conversations about. And there is this one part. . .I’ll either glean that from a conversation or wait for you to write about (if that won’t take to too long 😌)

    But this:

    “As time goes on, I shall probably develop this philosophy into a more holistic, sturdy argument…
    We hope time does its part as you will yours.

    Really great read. I should come back again.


    1. Lol. Let’s hope time does.
      I’m glad you enjoyed it. I hope your questions about Oddinary were answered for the most part?


      1. Yeah…even though my answers were somehow answered it has begotten more questions 😩; which is good by the way. So I’ll keep reading and waiting. And when something comes up I’ll be here to share. 😀

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