System Reboot

There is this dance going on, whipping up such frenzy

the routine is never routine so

the next step you are certain of

but where it will be, you never know


You dance this dance on earth and

dust particles float up,

messing up the Bosuo that you are

you do not know how to handle this, the earth with your water

so together  you make this murky mask

but  you forget to put in slits

for the eyes and for the nostrils

and you begin to bump into other dancers

and they curse you with cancers

forgetting that you’re all just one vein

you’re altogether one artery

then the curse begins to work, hoh, it does

and your system begins to shut down

to save what’s left of itself

in eternal hibernation


The beat maker sees this

and he, the rain maker reins

and then all is limpid.


From  your bleeding toes you plant

your blood in the earth

and it is pacified and

says, ‘System Reboot,

we need her water to stay alive’.





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