Murder Case No. 101

I came to…

and my hands were crossed behind my back


with a real leather belt,

bearing a solid gold buckle

my teeth were biting hard

on a silk pocket square

that belonged to a tux with

intoxicating cologne,

my legs lay splayed.

I was weeping in my death

I was shedding red tears

from the meeting of my thighs

where I had been stabbed

over and


I came to…

and mourned after my murder


Hungry eyes feasted on my story

in the newspapers

It was on the morning show

on Monday

then it died too

my story

On Tuesday

it wrapped the roasted plantain that my murderer ate

He stopped by the elite roasters

at East Legon as he drove past them

and bought 2 cedis worth of plantain

and just a cedi of groundnuts

much less than he had bought

the silence of those I went to

seeking a trial-

their integrity

was cheaper than street food-

Now as he ate, I

I stood


within the stained newspaper

as a prosecutor

and sat

wearing a wig

and judged him



9 thoughts on “Murder Case No. 101

  1. I absolutely love how you present this subject as a case! Rape is a terrible act which isn’t addressed often enough. But it is happening. And people are left struggling to find their feet at the end of it all. Brilliant piece, Nana Yaa!

    Liked by 1 person

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