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What on the river shall be your ferry
In the end, where would you have to dock?
Shall you there alight in shock
That you have reached a destination fiery?
On that River where all shall travel
At its end, what shall cause your marvel?

Two destinations, the River leads to:homes
The distance is all but one instance
Yet for each a different fare if you’re to go
You choose to pay while the land gives you chance
Either to receive and pay 30 shekels of silver
Or pledge allegiance to a mighty Saviour

Would you trust and rely on him called Jesus
To pay your debt which all womb-brought owe
Or by yourself struggle with chains and fetters
And still being bound in depth of debt end in woe
Would you on Christ ferry to where knows no hurt
Or on torment to its dark den accurst?


The original 😊



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