Strange Ignorance

a k y e m p o

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Strange ignorance is knocking at my door
I know it’s him because he’s been here before
Today he comes in 140 characters and more
Wearing hashtags and fake deeps
Screaming at me and waving frantically through the window
The window of free speech has always been treacherous
A very bold Judas
It is through this very window
That vision of the truth has been blurred and kept behind bars
And the story of a people left discarded or misbranded

I am agitating this rocking chair with my pacing
I am not confused about what to do
It’s the how
How can I allow my identity
To be forged in history’s counterfeit chambers?
Chambers that think they have trapped the whispers
of my grandfather and grandmother’s stories

Ignorance wants to hand me a clean slate
And tell me to start over
To write my history
As if the…

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