V for Virginity.

I read a post by a blog I follow, and this amazing lady posted that she had started a new blog – Song of Virginity. It addresses a host of issues on virginity  and the restoration and healing process. You should visit it.

Now, not all people plan to go and have sex, or give away willingly their virginity. The bible describes rape in Deuteronomy 22:26 as tantamount to murder. Rape victims are ‘survivors of a murder’ and have done nothing deserving of death(as the bible puts it), or stigmatization, or prosecution(as happens in certain countries) or blame of any kind. A part of them was killed, and the killers must be brought to justice.



So, after reading the post, this was my comment and I feel the need to share it with you all. You can leave a reply after reading it .


“I’m so glad that this is being done. I feel that my generation has not had a lot of talk about virginity being a good thing which pleases God. It has come into bad taste because we have not spoken about it enough, and we have allowed ‘free sex’ among other things to come to mean ‘progressiveness’.
It’s sad to seem to be in the minority when it comes to this very important issue. It’s even sadder that virgins are embarrassed to be virgins. If people can say that they believe they have a right to their sexual decisions, we must stand and also say we believe in natural sexual relations and virginity. Others’ beliefs should not by default nullify ours.

Jehovah God is the same yesterday, today and forever…and so are His commandments.”



OurNanaYaa (c) 2016



4 thoughts on “V for Virginity.

  1. Thank you Jossy. I believe it’s about time we started speaking up as Christians on certain matters for people to know. And importantly, we should not only do this in the ‘safe spaces’. It has cost us too much to be silent.


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