I have been meaning to write a post for the Food for Thought category for quite a while now. But…well. This is not to say that I’ve not had any literal food for thought. Yesterday however, just at about 6:3o pm-ish, I had  one, which happens to be still lingering on my fingers! Had it not been for some jasmine-scented air freshener, my room would still be bearing witness of the mighty okro stew I had. ( now you know what I had for supper😋)


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You know, you can be led to eat a whole lot of things when your mother is not brooding over you. This okro stew, which was neither cooked by me, nor my mother was one of such things. I had kept it in the freezer for close to 2 weeks and when I finally decided it needed to relocate, I set it out to defrost.

Not long after ‘freezer tears’ started trickling down the side of the square blue bowl the stew was in, I began to get strong notifications from the ‘protein’ constituents of the stew.

Indeed, it was a very loud announcement of scents! First came the ‘base coat’ that features in many red Palm oil dishes. I however suspect that what won over ‘momone’ was ‘ kako’  because of the intensity of the smell. I dare say there was some ‘koobi’ in the stew too, though it did not manifest itself in flesh.

In fact, there was no way anyone with normally functioning olfactory neurons could miss the smell of the food. And when I began to heat  it…my goodness! The ‘wele’ and all the others shouted to my nose ‘Present Madam!’. The myriad of scents diffused quickly into the space, and I could not help but smile and wince at the same time,  while praying I would not get any well-wishers passing by at such a truly ‘opportune’ time.

This all so delicious encounter brought to mind a word I had been thinking about for the greater part of this week- Diffusion. I had just been given a very relatable analogy and my mind was set at ease. Lovely.

So I came to this one conclusion – in order for the essence of essence to be, it must diffuse.

I shall not talk much. I leave you to think of this.



Ps. Do make it a point to leave your translation of the conclusion I came to.

Cheers again!


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