The Sage Called Trotro

Trotro Chronicles

Oh how nice it would have been if like Ethiopia, Ghana had electric trains. We would not have to run to the Medina-bound trotro even before it stopped at the Spanner bus stop. It would have been really good to be able to plan your day a bit more accurately because arrival and departure times would be set. The country as a whole would spend less on crude oil because less than half of the one-man occupied private cars on our roads would be used only on certain occasions like going for showy funerals on the Akuapem Ridge.

Anyway, we ought to cherish our trotros. Apart from the fact that they are cheap, often readily available and rarely comfortable, they are the only ‘NANA ABREWA’ some people would ever have. They are to some people too, the only comedy show they would ever attend and to others, the only public forum at which they shall speak.

As I introduce to you my oddinary friend, this new category which we shall call ‘Trotro Chronicles’ I’d like us to treat ourselves to some insightful, hilarious and thought provoking inscriptions that have been spotted on some trotros.

I asked a couple of drivers why they wrote what they had written behind their vehicles. Some said their car owners were the ones who put the inscriptions there, others said those were mere ‘REFLECTIONS’. For some, it was a subtle ‘AKUTIAB)’ against the ‘HOUSE WITCHES’ and their ‘)TANHUNU’. Some wanted to say  it loud and declear that ‘STILL, MY REDEEMER LIVETH’ and so ‘NO WEAPON’ fashioned against them shall prosper. They even went as far as proclaiming with all vigor that ‘LET MY ENEMIES LIVE LONG’.


Those who for whatever reasons could not proclaim their love to the beautiful damsels who had captured their hearts decided to tell the world of their ‘PRECIOUS’ ‘WOMAN’. They admitted that though ‘SOME GIRLS ARE DANGEROUS’, these ones had ‘ AKOMA PA’ and were ‘)BAA PA’ . They were their ‘HEART’S DESIRE’.  They believed that these girls were the ones with whom they shall someday have ‘AK)N) BA’ .



I’m pretty sure that thinking of these ladies often reminded them of ‘SWEET MOTHER’ who must have told them to ‘B) BRA PA’. She must have warned them that ‘NIPA YꜪ BAD’ so she must have cautioned them to ‘PRAY ALWAYS’  so that on their behalf  ‘JEHOVAH’ will keep His ‘ANGELS ON GUARD’. ‘MAMA’  must have kept on telling them that ‘IN THIS LIFE’, ‘NSꜪM W) WORLD’ so they should ‘TRUST NO MAN’ because oftentimes, ‘YꜪ NE WO SERE KWA’.


These ones too, I’m quite certain you have spotted in town ; ‘IS IT YOURS? COME AND TAKE’ , ‘SHINE YOUR EYES’, ‘DI WO FIE ASEM’, ‘DRINK FROM YOUR OWN WELL’, ‘IS IT YOUR BUSINESS?’ and ‘STILL, GOOD MASTER’

How I wish we could say of the ‘masters’ of this country ‘MMO’.  Before they came to posses any kind of power, they gave us so much hope of a ‘A BETTER GHANA’, but today, they seem not to know how to bring to pass their promises and those holding the other side of the rope sneer at them saying ‘3ꜪDAWOSO NNꜪ!’ Sadly, those taunting have the same ‘LIFE HISTORY’ but would not learn to ‘DI WO FIE ASꜪM’ because ‘ꜪDA W’ANIM’. It is only a matter of time, just a matter of four periodic years, and we would hear all the sides  that pull the country in a tug of war cry out  ‘APPEAL FOR MERCY!’  They would tell stories that would make us shake our heads in wonder and sigh ‘NOKWARE ASA’. They would say we should ‘FORGIVE’ all their wrongs but my people, I suggest we leave that to ‘JESUS CHRIST’ on ‘THE JUDGEMENT DAY’. I believe I am not wrong when I say that they have lost the ‘LOVE OF THE COMMON PEOPLE’.





Thanks to all my oddinary friends who helped to put this post together. ‘YOUR REWARD IS IN HEAVEN!’





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8 thoughts on “The Sage Called Trotro

  1. Amazing work, Oddinary.. Asantewaa
    Hilarious too…’GOD BLESS YOU ‘.. FEEL FREE.. will be waiting for more oddinary .. IDEAS..
    Y3 NE WO SERE..but its not KWA..😁


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