The fact of the matter however, is not that we do not know the facts of the matter at hand. It is more of a case of an unpreparedness and somewhat an inability to cut off  the ‘apron strings’  which can be described  as  the tether around the neck of a goat on at the Asesewa Market.

However, much unlike our current president, the country does not have the dead goat syndrome. It would have been very welcome to have that as an anesthetic, but unfortunately, we already have an immunity to the syndrome- fear. We fear the knife. We fear that the machete that would cut off the rope from our neck would be handled a bit too carelessly and sever our neck. These sentiments are not baseless. We do not fear wrongly, considering the fact that those who hold the knife often have a ‘dead goat syndrome’.

We also fear largely because we have become unpardonably reliant on the leading by the rope. We do not trust ourselves well enough to go graze in the wide and open field. It is saddening but that’s the fact of the matter we all know.

So the second stanza goes like this:

From across the ocean blows

A whisper, so loud

We all hear, but

Do you?

Do I?

To know it’s incorrect in ways array

To all I hold so dear?

In knowing too, the fruition of fear is that

That alien gall I cannot egest

The Goat at the Asesewa World Market
The Goat at the Asesewa World Market-      source, matthais_goat_web

You ask me why?

I ask you why

To you it has become native salt

And been drawn to your breast near

And the third stanza says:

That whisper which yet continues

Knots the bowels of my soul

But do you hear

Or feel its chilling breeze near?

What about seeing; it’s sea glass clear

Does it strike

That it’s smouldering

What should be burning

That which is so dear?

There we have it, ‘A’ meaning to the poem. What I have written above is just to give you the backdrop against which you should think about this poem. There is much room left for you, my Oddinary friend, to translate  the poem however you want it – after all, you posses an oddinary perspective!


PS. Please take a look at the previous post. Your appreciation of this would be much better as this is a continuation of it.


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