Contrary Truths

  These last few months, I have been on edge. The year came with a sense of bigness that was drowning. I do not have the “new year syndrome” (I stopped making new year resolutions in was it 2014?), but I had an increased awareness with the ending of January that I ought to be … More Contrary Truths


There are these times that come and go like barely realizable strobes of illumination and between the on and off, I see how my future is interpreted by your past in part I see how you are a storehouse with a lost key hoarding without meaning to food, wealth, understanding while I starve for truths. … More Silo

Have you read this collection yet? What are you waiting for ??

Originally posted on Flash Fiction From GHANA: ? It gives us great pleasure to finally publish this long-overdue anthology. To anyone who may be asking “What is flash fiction?”, you can orient yourself here. We are grateful to all featured authors for their patience with us during the protracted editing period. Download your copy here: … More Have you read this collection yet? What are you waiting for ??


    you’re just the support i need to keep things together in place strapped safe most days the rest you’re a bad bra messing things up at their spine. _SBM.

Loose Sands

  What happens, Ma when the way home is through sand dunes? Do I pitch tents and make home where strength fails or do I dance with the sands And change with the plans? Do I make my monuments and trust the wind’s promise to immortalise them or do I keep my words till there’s … More Loose Sands