Lead-heavy sighs break my back and make me crouch I hug myself but it isn’t enough to lift this delusion of depression it is in the air that I breathe and it fills the alleys in my body I shiver now and again Sorrow has her cold grip on my heart and she weighs me … More Lifebuoy


I have learnt that anger only knows how to build with genuine strong expressions carelessly laid one atop the other and that the satiation is in the bursts that shock on hindsight. If ever my diaphragm raptures let it be sake of e forget sey e for relax small.

Citing Adam Smith

  A day before my last paper for this round of my exams, at about 9:30 pm, when I should have been rounding up what I should have learnt over the weeks, I logged in to YouTube (not that I am ever logged out) and started scrolling through some TED and TEDx Talks. I am … More Citing Adam Smith


There’s some history that became prematurely and now that we are birthing frozen times , foetus alive after 25 there’s some history that perhaps must be defrosted today , eternally – thaw destiny.     _SBM.     I’m back for good 😎. Cheers!